The Cold Forging Process

What is the Cold Forging Process?

During the development cycle, unheated wire or slugs are forced into a die using extreme pressure from cold formers.

The cold formers are typically horizontal and are set up to have multiple forming stations.

What is the Benefit of the Cold Forging Process?

Cold forging provides companies with cost savings and improved efficiency through increased production capabilities, greater part strength and less material waste.

Each station contains a punch and die that form a characteristic of the finished part. This process allows NSS and its clients to benefit from the advantages found in cold forging:

  • Less scrap
  • Material savings
  • Eliminate and/or reduce additional machining operations
  • Improved strength, mechanical properties, grain flow
  • Improved surface finish vs machined products
  • High-speed production (35 to 300+ parts per minute)

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