NSS provides a variety of cold formed products to the consumer products industry

Consumer Products

Whether household appliances, hand tools or recreational vehicles (ATV), you will find Net Shaped Solutions' cold form process integrated into our customers' components. Some examples of our products include

  • Transmission components
  • Axle hubs
  • Idler shafts
  • Roller shafts
  • Hand tool sockets

Component size varies from tenths of a pound in weight to over 3 pounds depending on the application and part requirement.

Net Shaped Solutions takes a proactive and innovative approach to develop product solutions for our customers. Net Shaped Solutions' advantage is in our cold form process: it lends itself well to optimizing components for mass and strength while fully utilizing the process value to minimize material scrap and secondary processing (cost control).

Also, the high speed of our cold forming process (60 per part per minute to 320 parts per minute) allows us to produce millions of parts at a competitive cost.

Net Shaped Solutions offers customers several alternatives when developing a process solution for a product which is extremely important in the competitive and cost conscious field of consumer products. Our customers continually come back to our team to solicit input which addresses process and product needs.

What are your needs? We are here to listen and offer viable solutions that meet your requirements.

Quality Assured

NSS is proud to maintain certification to IATF-16949.

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